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Lucky to have heard of a band called Firestarter before. Because KVLT , was made fascinated by the band with this punk rock genre. Regardless of who they are, I am sure that Firestarter is a band formed by ‘mature’ people like Blink 182 , The Ataris or maybe Green Day .

Music from Firestarter sounds very adult-size-punk-rock because they play music very ‘neatly’, sounds very professional, lyrics that are ‘serious’ support the vocalist’s voice. They stated their genre was punk pop on their bandcamp site .

But the video for their 49th song Stow broke the shadow of KVLT .

Firestarter was apparently formed last year by 4 teenagers from New York – United States, namely  Matt LaPerche (vocals, guitar),  Zack Bartnicki (guitar),  Jeff Henlin (bass) and  Matt Bliss (drums).

The video for the first single from Firestarter was made sober, very amateurish. Check out the following 49 Stow songs  .