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If you wish to buy the best juicer under $100 or a budget centrifugal juicer then Elehot Juicer will be the best option for you.

The Elehot Juicer is accompanied by an 800-watt engine which operates at around 12,000 RPM.  You’re able to pick out of two-speed settings which can allow you to get the most from soft and difficult produce.

Utilize the low-speed atmosphere that works at a lesser 8,000 RPM to juice fruits such as peeled apples and watermelons.  The 12,000 RPM, quick rate setting, really does a fantastic job in juicing hard vegetables such as carrots and beets.

The 3-inch broad mouth chute cuts off your homework time.  It is simple to wash if you wash it soon after using.  A cleaning brush is included, which means that you are able to wash the stainless steel blade with no difficulties.

In case you ever overload the machine, then the juicer will automatically shut off until the motor may overheat.  The juicer is only going to function if the security locking arm is at the perpendicular position, providing you maximum security.

The Elehot Juicer is a fairly strong device, which will juice whatever that you throw in it.  All pieces are simple to wash, just the stainless steel blade requires some time to wash.  It includes two-speed settings, providing you with great results with little without a pulp on your juices.

Disadvantages: Leftover pulp isn’t quite as ironic as using all the Breville BJE200XL, meaning it is less effective.