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Epic Games noted you like games, so it’s placing a blockbuster game inside its blockbuster match. Not only any name, however: Gearbox’s Borderlands. That is right, within its newest”Rift Zone” transformation, Epic has attracted a small slice of Pandora to Fortnite, its big battle royale shot.

The crossover comes within this v10.20 upgrade, adapting the gasoline station location in Fortnite’s desert biome into a city realized with Borderlands’ distinctive art style, full of vivid colors and thick, funny book-inspired outlines. Oh, and Psycho and Claptrap are playable characters also — if you are willing to pay.

Epic states that in the event you do not take any harm in just four seconds while at the Pandora zone, then you are going to create a shield, increasing your chances of success. Additionally, there are some”additional openings,” including exceptional weapon packs and Borderlands sprays.

Luckily, they are not the only brand new things coming into Fortnite within the week’s articles upgrade. There is also a brand new Shield Bubble, that is an immediate reaction to the B.R.U.T.E mechs. Once set up, players will likely be safeguarded by projectiles and explosives for 30 minutes or till its 400 health continues to be drained. Players are going to have the capability to run and treat damage to enemies indoors, but it is going to also block the exact firearms from damaging players around the exterior.

Adhering to the previous B.R.U.T.E nerf, Epic has seen fit to reveal the place of meals around the island, irrespective of if there are gamers within them or not. “This is to raise the consciousness of a B.R.U.T.E.’s existence and place to most players in the game,” the organization states.

The event will operate from now until September 10th, providing you with sufficient time to figure out if the next installment of the franchise is well worth choosing three days after.

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