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Lots of iPod users only know about the iPod movie Downloads. They can get out of the Apple store. They simply visit the Apple store for easy downloads like wallpapers – because they don’t have any idea there are masses of excellent high quality downloads (with much better range than Apple provides) which are completely free! Visit on gomovies

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Now this is great news for Apple. Think about Apple’s iPod Movie rental’bargain’. There have been around 119 million ipods sold worldwide. If just 10 percent of iPod owners lease 1 movie or TV series each day, and each rental costs $3 a pop, then Apple makes 36 million dollars – A DAY! Thats 365×36 or even 13 BILLION bucks per year!!

And I am being conservative since I will bet that much more Than 10% of iPod users let movies on any one day – and most of the movies that they hire will be new releases at FOUR dollars per pop. And what exactly do we get for our 13 BILLION bucks? We get to watch the movie ONCE.

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I have movies in my DVD collection That I’ve watched 15 to 20 occasions. It would cost me $45-$60 to let the movie and watch it that many times on my iPod! In reality, like most folks, I OWN movies that I like so I can watch them over and over without having to keep paying outside rental fees.

So it was good news to find out that I could do precisely the same For a small subscription fee (less than the price of viewing Oceans Eleven as many times as I have!!) I joined a website that enables me to really have any movie I want and then download it to my PC. Today I can watch these movies in my iPod if the mood takes me. AND I finally have a great library of all my favorite movies I can see on my iPod.

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Another crazy thing I’ve observed is that many iPod Users seem to wish to have the ability to download movies straight to their own iPod. But this There simply is not enough memory to store Movies in our iPods. So this is just asking for Apple to drain their bank Balance for them.Must watch couchtuner.