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The creation of a company logo is not arbitrary. There is a hidden message that sometimes when viewed carefully you can only find its meaning. Next, KVLT displays company logos that have hidden messages in them.


This Carrefour logo if observed in detail there is the letter “C” which is the first letter of the Carrefour brand.


The LG logo is an eccentric form of the Pac Man game. And indeed they took their inspiration from that famous game.


The arrow from the letter A to Z is a depiction on Amazon of whatever you are looking for.

Sony Vaio

Logo from the Sony sub-brand named Sony Vaio describes analog and digital as seen in the picture above. Digital is a binary number on a computer.


Logo maybe most of you don’t know it. But try to look at the Kisses writings, between the letters “K” and “I” there are more distinctive forms of Hersheys chocolate.


In the Toblerone logo, if you pay close attention, there are bears that seem to be climbing mountains.

Quiksilver And Roxy

Roxy are Quiksilver’s women’s apparel product line. Roxy logo is a combination of the two Quiksilver logos into one.


In the picture above note that between the letters “E” and “X” is formed an arrow pointing to the right.