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That Noise you hear is nothing but NBA picks pounding the Hardwood as training crews get set to start. It’s been a wild summer at The Association as many of it surrounding LeBron James and his new posse on South Beach with a continuous shift of power toward the Eastern Conference. But King James can find it becoming more bloated in the East if Carmelo Anthony gets his way.Click on nbastreams.

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Back in late August, Melo started rumblings that he wanted out of Denver. With a year left on his contract, Anthony was interested in a three-year, $65 million extension. He just was not considering it coming in the Nuggets. The group has begun exploring a number of trade alternatives, hoping to get some young players in return.

For now, any information of Anthony shifting addresses Has been shrouded in secrecy. But that hasn’t stopped people from requesting. La La Vasquez, Anthony’s new wife, was asked on her husband’s programs from the Denver Post while promoting her new reality series.

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“I find myself wanting to stay away from speculation,” she told The Post. “He’s been with these guys for seven decades and has played with his heart out”

Melo himself was pretty mum on the subject telling his Followers on Twitter,”When I know that which you men will understand something. #pointblankperiod.” For now he remains a Denver Nugget, but it appears only to be a matter of if he’ll be exchanged, not if. With two of those three contenders being in the East, a trade to the perfect Coast could make the battle for the top half of this seminar rather intriguing.

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Land Anthony in Chicago along with the Bulls quickly become of the NBA chooses to click, taking for the Cavaliers as the rulers of their Central Division. Match up him with a healthy Devin Harris and an emerging Brook Lopez in New Jersey and also they could be the 2nd best team in the Atlantic Division supporting the Celtics.

Meanwhile, training camp opens a week and it looks Almost certain that Melo will be about Denver’s roster. Keep your eyes open. This Story will continue to come up with and will have a large effect on the entire season.