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Pokemon GO is an inflate reality game that embeds virtual animals in the substantial space. Thus, virtual and physical space co-exists as the digital creatures Pokemon can look anywhere, even at the garden of your neighbor. The game aims to locate and capture them. You can view more statements about Pokemon And Legal Implications via Buy Pokemon GO Accounts.

The intersection of physical and virtual space advocated legal professionals to begin contemplating the effects of augmented reality games for privacy, information security, street injuries, personal injury claims, and trespassing.

Privacy And Data Protection:

Personal information privacy and protection are some of the leading legal consequences which have to be considered as information regarding places is accumulated, shared, and saved. Own information security affects social and professional life, in addition to the personal experience of citizens.

In Cyprus, ‘ The Performance of Personal Data (Safety of Individuals) Legislation of 2001’ (138(I)2001) governs the group, the procedure, and the usage of private information.

Road Accidents And Personal Injury:

Provided that Pokemon can look everywhere, the number of road injuries and personal injuries claims gains. Pokemon GO gamers are so obsessed with pursuing Pokemon. Therefore, they are not as attentive and are inclined to be negligent. Personal injury brought on by negligence or irresponsibility of another party could be paid satisfactorily only when the sufferer seeks professional legal aid immediately. That’s to say, if you happen to were injured while somebody was pursuing Pokemon, then we advise you to consult with a personal injury attorney to be able to get the reimbursement you deserve. A private injury attorney will review your situation and offer you the very best possible representation.


Since It’s Been explained, the Objective of this game is to discover and capture Pokemon from the actual world. Thus, players enter personal possessions, usually with no authorization, to search for Pokemon and grab them. Consequently, trespass is just another significant legal decision that has to be thought about. Aside from entering personal possessions with no authorization, sometimes, Pokemon GO gamers might lead to harm while they’re pursuing Pokemon.

Based on the article 43 of the Civil Wrongs Law (Cap. 148), “trespass to steadfast property consists of illegitimate entry upon, or any unlawful damage to, or interference with any property by any person.” In other words, entering private land without permission and causing unlawful harm to any private property. Because of This, Pokemon Go Players abide by the Law as playing Pokemon Go does not contain any right to Access a personal property without previous authorization.