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The sonogram images of the baby in the womb provide a very emotional moment for would be parents. These sonograms serve as the most beautiful experience for both the parents. On the other hand, the doctors require it for the inspection of the health and condition of both the mother and her baby. The OB/Gym Units require the ultrasound every month to better monitor the growing child in the womb of mothers. The sonograms are also required to look for any signs of complications. Portable ultrasound scanners will be very helpful for such units.

The doctors can perform the test and can observe the condition in real time. This will help the doctors to implement or abort any medication depending on the situation of the mother and her baby. The real time observation will also help in early detection of any complication or threats to the child or the mother. The portable scanners are also helpful for women who are in a later stage of pregnancy as long duration of waiting for the test could be uncomfortable for them and might cause pain and unease.

This device is also a boon for the pregnant women as they can just connect the device to their mobile or tablet using a Wi-Fi connection and can themselves observe the sonogram image of their baby. In fact, the whole family can observe the real time images of the baby whenever they want. The mothers could also keep a track of weekly or daily growth of the child and can report the same to their doctors. Not only this, it also alerts the mothers if there is any complication. The best part is that the mother or the family members could always observe the baby at home. They don’t need to go anywhere time and again for these ultrasound tests.