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Color pencil drawings can give beautiful textures. Drawing the beautiful birds employing the color pencils may seem little odd, but as you do some of the methods you shall love the thought of using colour pencils. However, should you make any mistake with all the color pencils it’ll be very difficult to cover those errors. With regular exercise, it is going to be easy to grasp the fundamental practices. Some of the artists adore that the portraying of bird working with the colour pencils since they discover that it’s simple.

The Techniques Employed For Color Pencils Are:

Using The Grid Method –

Using the grids to the drawing is ideal if you aren’t too sure of these proportions. While utilizing the grid you have to cover your painting using the grid onto a reference image and layer on the paper. You can create the equivalent squares of 1″ or even larger determined by you.

Colored Pencil - Birds | Colored pencil artwork, Hummingbird ...

  • Always use the pencil which is mechanical because it will greatly help you in doing the outline. Color pencil even smudges lower than the normal pencil.
  • Play your drawing with the correctly shaped pencils. You may require sharpening your pencils often.

Utilize layering on your own colors. You can Complete your drawing with even some of the fundamental shades of your pencil but layering them into a better method. You want to start with the lightest colors and proceed on constructing your own drawing.

Colored pencil nature, wildlife, animal and bird art

For lightening of the colours use the pencil erasers. Lots of the artists even prefer electric erasers as they are quite great in raising the very small spaces. They assist you in especially producing the bird’s speckled feathers. Certain pencils such as the exact thin colored pencils are extremely helpful for the detailed drawing of the birds, arteza markers particularly the eyes. They help you in generating milder consequences.

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