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One of the popular destinations for the US Often, they turn to Australia to begin a new life because of the favorable climate, job opportunities, and quality of living. Before taking this dip, these intrepid travelers have researched that the cost of living in Australia compared to the US, and they have determined that Australia is the place to be. Here are the standard baselines that motivate these people to make Australia their new home after opting to go from the home nations such as the United States.

The Cost Of Property

When moving into another country, you have to ascertain the real dollars and cents you need to shell out whether you’re looking to rent or trying to purchase the property. Though it is possible to locate the relative prices of similar homes between Australia and the US, there are lots of differences that also will need to be considered when making this comparison, as quality and location form part of this equation.

The Tax System

The tax system in Australia stands very far from the US tax-free. The US system disagrees as there is a federal taxation system in addition to a state tax system along with it. On the other hand, Australia has one income tax system, and there is a 1.5percent healthcare levy on all taxpayers, which funding the healthcare system Down Under.

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Food And Drink

America has one of the lowest food and essentials cost in the world. On the flip side, the cost of meals in Australia is quite high, mainly because of the cost of transportation. The general cost, though, maybe quite misleading as individual tastes and preferences push the cost of food wherever you might be.

Health Care Costs

This is where the significant difference in the cost of living in Australia than the US lies. The 1.5percent income tax Levy funds the national health care system in Australia. This makes healthcare in Australia much more economical in contrast to that in the US. In the US, a lot of the cost. The US is relatively less expensive.